Why is Tattoo Placement so Important?

The excitement of getting your body inked is uncontrollable. However, people often make the mistake of not thinking it through. It is not just the ‘what’ but also the ‘where’ that plays a key role in this process. After all, you wouldn’t want to be stuck with a tattoo that is not visible or one that attracts an unwanted audience. Tattoo placement along with the tattoo design plays a key role in conveying the correct story. For a complete guide on tattoo placement for your next body art appointment, keep reading.



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Just like scalability, the visibility of the tattoo is also very crucial. It makes sense to get a tattoo on your face, upper chest, wrist, or shoulder if you want more people to see it. However, body art is still frowned upon in many a profession. To avoid the scrutiny of your colleagues, it would make sense to get a tattoo on your back or another spot where it can be easily hidden. Visibility can also be used as a tool to get the right attention. For example, a tattoo in an intimate area may make your partner feel more special.

It is also important to decide on your tattoo’s visibility to yourself- is it something you’d like to see every day or would rather have it hidden from your own eyes? A tattoo on your back can serve the latter purpose.


Ease of the process
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As amazing as the idea of getting a tattoo is, it can often be challenging for some of you. Choosing the right spot plays a crucial role in determining the quality of your tattoo and also your own comfort. Areas of the body easier to access by your tattoo artist will lead to a tattoo worthy to stay! Whereas spots that are more challenging to access can not only result in poor quality but also can also make the whole experience discomforting and awkward for you. So choose your tattoo spot wisely!
Choosing the right spot is also important to make the entire process easy. Your tattoo artist must be able to easily reach the body part where you want to get inked. Otherwise, the quality will be affected. Last but not least, consider comfort. You might feel uncomfortable when the artist touches you in some particular places.

The orientation and direction of a tattoo also matter a lot. This can be based on if you wish to make your tattoo’s appearance and/or meaning accessible to not only yourself but the people around you.

Both the design and spot decide the size of your tattoo. For example, a tiny wolf tattoo on your leg might just appear as an irregular spot from a distance.

Bottom Line
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