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It’s an absolute heartbreak when sit for hours to get inked, pay handsomely for the design of your choice and power through all the pain, only for the tattoo to get ruined because of an uncooperative infection! But thankfully, we’re here to save you and your tattoo with a complete guide on how to avoid getting infections after you get inked. Sit tight!


Permanent tattoos involve breaking skin in order to insert ink few layers deep into the epidermis. So like any other wound, tattoos also have a chance of getting infected if they’re not looked after properly. Fortunately, like all other surface wounds, tattoos can be protected from infection if they’re kept clean and tidy. There a few things that you should include in your aftercare list:

  • Keep the tattoo covered up only for a few hours after getting inked.

While it is important to keep the bacteria off of the freshly tattooed area, you must also give the design room to breathe and stretch.

  • Keep the tattoo away from soap and water for at least a few days.

This is necessary because if the skin containing ink comes in contact with water or soap, it becomes soft and soggy. It can also cause pus formation in unhealed areas.

  • Use a separate clean cloth to cleanse the healing tattoo.

Since you cannot apply water or soap to clean the tattooed skin, a clean cloth, slightly dipped in warm water can be used to pat over the inked area and then immediately dried.

  • Keep the tattooed area dry and moisturized.

Sweat, salt and chlorine must be kept away from healing tattoos at all cost or else they will definitely lead to infection. In case of accidental contact with any of these, it is necessary to aerate the area and apply antibacterial soaps and powders meant strictly for tattoo aftercare. You can get your product recommendations from your artist or a dermatologist.

  • Sunscreen is a must.

You should use sunscreens prescribed for application on tattoos if you don’t want your tattoo to fade or cause itchiness when faced with the heat of the sun.

  • If you experience any discomfort or redness or itching, get it checked out immediately.

Many times, infections can be prevented even after initial symptoms, if they receive care and attention at the right stage. Your body often gives you signals of an oncoming infection in the form of redness of swelling. With proper medication, the infection can be subdued before it becomes a gore fest.

  • Avoid scratching the area around your tattoo.

Swelling around the tattoo is often accompanied by flaky skin around the outlines and itchiness. It is necessary to avoid scratching that area to prevent complicating things and letting your tattoo heal completely.

  • Avoid alcohol base skin care products at all costs.

Even in case of the smallest of infections, do not consider alcohol based products to sanitize the area. It will only result in dire discomfort and can also destroy the pigments used in your tattoo ink.


While temporary tattoos don’t cause an infection since they’re not associated with breaking your skin, they can still cause allergic reactions. Mostly harmless, since they’re literally meant to be applied on skin (!), temporary ink is still made of chemicals. Even though it’s not a common practice to get a patch test before you get a temporary tattoo, those with sensitive skin, especially young, children should practice utmost caution. Since there are a variety of media used for temporary tattoos, you can always switch up the kind of tattoo you want to a suitable medium.

For more insight about temporary tattoos, feel free to browse through our blog or book yourself an appointment right now! At the best tattoo studio in Delhi, you can learn more about how to prevent infections and take better care of your tattoos. The Ink Boy Tattoo Studio is open for consultations and inking, 24×7!