EMI On Tattoos

Tattoos, just like any other luxury item in this world can cost a fortune specially if you’re planning on getting a big piece.

Generally, everybody wants to get a big tattoo on their body since it is a visual display of their life story. A bigger piece on one’s body means that it is going to be expensive and maybe not pocket friendly for everyone. That’s the main reason why some people go for smaller tattoos at first even when they want to get big pieces done. Tattoos in general are aesthetically and beautifully planned wounds on your skin which we, as artists, consider to be our canvas.  So, to make it available for people who face such issues, we’ve come up with a solution for you, EMI. We’ve introduced the concept of EMI at our studio so that clients who are on a tight budget.

What is EMI?

An Equated Monthly Installment is a fixed amount of payment that is given by the person who takes a loan, and is given to the lender every month to pay off the loan. It is usually chosen as an option when a big purchase is made.  In basic terms, you can now get any big tattoo and an option for Emi will always be available. You just have to pay a fixed amount monthly (the time period will obviously depend on the amount of the tattoo)

Pros of EMI you ask?

  • You’ll have the freedom to get costly and big tattoos
  • You know exactly how much you need to pay at the end/beginning of every month
  • We let you choose the amount you want to pay monthly
  • It is easy on the wallet

Other doubts that people have

Often, we are asked why our tattoos are so costly. It’s not the tattoos that are costly but the cost of the equipment and hard work. The equipments that we get are imported from outside India and some just have a high manufacturing cost. We intend on giving you the best art for your canvas which in some cases might cost more. Which brings me to my point, choosing a good artist is as important as spending money on your beautiful piece!

Just because some tattoos are a little more expensive than others, you shouldn’t give up on the quality of it.  Since we understand that everyone’s budget is different, we decided to introduce the concept of EMI. Often, we get to hear that “We wanted to get this tattoo but this is too expensive”, due to the high prices of big tattoos there is also a lot of bargaining which sometimes gets too much. Hopefully now more people will be able to get big tattoos, it’ll be available to a lager crowd.

Our Intention

We intend on reaching an even larger crowd so that getting a tattoo can be made available to all kinds of people. Our goal is to make people happy with our art and to create amazing memories with them. To make that possible we work hard every day and try to introduce new concepts. Here at The Ink Boy Tattoo Studio, we keep our client’s happiness and satisfaction as our first priority. We’re hoping that this new addition to our way of working will help loads of people and more and more of them will come to us and get inked.

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